Super UPDATE!!

Wuddup everyone! It’s been a long time since we’ve used this so bare with us! We will be updating this more often!

It’s now 2012, coming up on our 3 YEAR anniversary!!!! Within these three year’s we’ve done and accomplished a lot! And we have a lot more that we want to accomplish!

One of our recent accomplishment’s was history in the 17 years no bay area dance crew/team has ever placed at Vibe, and we did it on our first time being at Vibe XVII placing 2nd! Check out our performance entitled "A Beautiful Mime" 

We will be showcasing at Kenya Dance this year, next weekend to be exact! And our youth team, The Mighty Minions, will also be showcasing there as well! 

***If you are interested in becoming apart of our Skool District Family, we are having auditions for both The Mighty Minions & Academy of Villains!!!***

Mighty Minions Auditions, February 25th:

Academy of Villains Auditions, March 11th:

Our Skool District Family is growing!
-Academy of Villains (San Mateo, CA)

-Academy of Swag ( LA, CA) 

-Academy of T.H.U.G.S. (Sacramento, CA)

-Academy of Hype (Hawaii)

-Academy of Phresh (Philadelphia, PA)

-Academy of Difinitives (UK)  INTERNATIONAL!!!!

Youth Teams:

-Mighty Minions (San Mateo, CA)

-Goons Squad (LA, CA)

-J.R. Hype/Skool Rascals (Hawaii)

Be on the look out for the Skool District!!!

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